Rekindle your Soul

‘Mirror Mirror on the wall , who is the fairest of us all’ . Standing in front of the mirror makes me wonder if there could exist a mirror which would show us our inner self instead of our physical appearance . A mirror which could enlighten our soul and make us believe in ourselves . Daily you pretend to yourself that you are the fairest but deep inside you know somewhere that you are not what you seem to be . We as human beings are the most complicated creatures . We don’t like ourselves the way we are . We tend to be someone else . We trust others instead of having faith in our own abilities and defend ourselves by faking with the world . Then ultimately blame our destiny for something we ought to be blaming ourselves. Destiny is not what decides our fate . Our fate is decided by our decisions and choices we make in life .

Here's how you can make One question that clicks my mind daily is : What do we expect from our lives ? Is it the money that can buy us the materialistic things or have we chosen fame as the ultimate goal of our lives or is it just the peace of mind ?? Life is transient and our desires and expectations count to infinite. Throughout aur lives we keep on running after the dreams that are not meant to be fulfilled and in the persuit of happiness we tend to forget our real attainable goals . We stop trusting ourselves and face ‘dis’appointment and ‘dis’satisfaction in life . The more we achieve , the more we want to achieve . Its a vicious cycle of never ending expectations which end up our lives in darkness and misfortune . All our abilties are buried deep inside our souls . Prioritising everything be it the people we meet or the responsilities creates trouble . Confusions and dilemmas dominate us and mess up our lives . There are no second options. There is always one option which our heart has rightly decided but we pave the way for other options. ‘ coz we wish to achieve everything at the expense of nothing by creating shortcuts . Thus complicating a life that was so simplified earlier . And we are left to say : ’ I had an innocent childhood’. Ofcourse because we are in a habit of cursing our present life and reasoning the future. and italic text.

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